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  • Woodland management

  • Woodland maintenance

  • Commercial planting

Our aim is focused around the principles of sustainable woodland management in order to maximise output and profit long-term whilst developing wildlife conservation and increasing biodiversity.


Many woodlands, man made and natural, require regular maintenance and management  to achieve there maximum potential. We undertake many tasks including thinning and felling to help achieve this objective. Don't let your woodland become neglected, get in contact with us today.

What do we aim to do?

  • Local, renewable production of building materials, firewood and woodchip

  • Reducing carbon emissions

  • New habitats for wildlife

  • Improving amenities and awareness of the natural world

What are the benefits of woodland management?

Backed by 14 years management experience in the forest industry, we have considerable experience of all aspects of woodland care and maintenance including:

Woodland management and maintenance

Our forestry services:

Please contact us if you require any of the above services or for any of your other woodland management needs: 01233 641 365

  • Planting

  • Thinning

  • Felling

  • Timber Extraction

  • Pest and Disease control, including Ash dieback

  • Restocking

  • Plant supply